Encouraging Creative Ideas of Tanta University Students: a Mobile App Designed to Help Diagnose New Coronavirus Cases


Within the framework of the University’s keenness to encourage the creative ideas, especially those confronting crises, of its students, Prof Magdi Sab’, Tanta University President, announced that a new mobile app called “Reassure me” is launched in collaboration with Dr Abdel Naser Hemida, Deputy of Ministry of Health in Gharbia. The idea is carried out by the student Mena Sameh in the 4th year, computer sciences division, at Faculty of Science, under the supervision of Dr Osama Ghoneim, lecturer at faculty of Computers and Information. 

        The app allows citizens to have medical diagnosis constantly through a group of medical questions which enable, after answering them, to diagnose patients and follow them to make sure they have medical care. It is through recognizing the stage of the disease whether the case is critical and needs hospitalization so that the disease won’t spread among others, or the case only needs home quarantine, guidelines and some rest after calling 105.

        For his part, Prof Sab’ asserted that the app is part of the concerted efforts the University makes to confront Covid-19 and limit its spread through taking necessary measures to combat it. The app keeps people informed of the latest official statistics and the latest health awareness methods according to WHO’s recommendations.

         Prof Emad Etman added that this app is part of the University’s strategy to solve the current crisis, and it is an efficient method to track the spread of the virus as the app provides emergency numbers for suspected cases and guide them to the nearest hospital within their place of residence, explaining how is that important at this stage of the spread of the disease.

        He also added the necessity of preciseness when a citizen  fills in his or her medical data so that efforts will not be in vain.

To download the app, press here.




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