Creating a New Online Platform for Uploading and Assessing Students' Papers at Tanta University

Mobile Application for Uploading and Assessing Students' Papers via Smart Phones

Prof. Al Refa'i Mubarak, vice President of Tanta University for Education and Student Affairs, has announced creating a new online platform that helps students and academic staff complete uploading papers prepared by students for assessment. It is to be according to the decrees issued by Supreme Council of Universities about the regulations of assessing students in the second term of the academic year 2019/2020 by submitting papers, research projects, articles or reference papers. Prof. Mubarak instructed Systems Development Unit at the University in cooperation with the E-Portal and the IT Unit to create the platform. It is to be according to instructions given by Prof. Magdi Sab', Tanta University President.  

For his part, Tanta University Vice President has clarified that the platform works according to a simple integrated design and system that enable students to access criteria of research papers and upload papers of each electronic curriculum on the platform. Furthermore, the platform enables academic staff upload criteria of papers and see the papers of each subject separately to facilitate the assessment process. Assessment shall be sent directly to the electronic control system of Management Information Systems at the University.

Moreover, he added that the platform is considered the only way for uploading and assessing papers. Students can access it easily via the official email at the site of the University and faculties after uploading criteria and conditions of preparing the papers and research projects adding that dates of access to the platform shall be announced later.   

In a related context he pointed out that the E-Portal unit at the University managed to develop a mobile application that enables students and academic staff do all these processes anywhere and anytime via their tablets or smart phones. He also confirmed that many videos have been prepared to provide full explanation for academic staff and students on how to use the platform. 

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