Vision and Mission

Faculty of Computer and Information aims to be one of the best and most important sources in academic education, and scientific research in areas of computer sciences, information systems and technology, and software engineering to achieve excellence and innovation in scientific research and community service at the local and regional levels.

Faculty of Computer and Information at Tanta University is committed to providing distinguished educational and research atmosphere to graduate specialized cadres with high competitiveness in the fields of computer science, information systems, information technology and software engineering through:
• Creating developed educational system to cope with the quick development in the fields of computer and information.
• Providing students with the foundations of knowledge and scientific research in the fields of computer science and information technology.
• Developing the character of students to increase their innovation, their ability to work in groups and to compete locally, regionally and globally.
• Developing and updating curricula continuously to cope with the scientific development and the requirements of the labor market.
• Developing awareness of the importance of continuous education, the importance of self-education and the importance of modern techniques in this field.
• Using scientific research as a way to achieve innovation through studying the economic, commercial and social importance of scientific research.
• Providing distinguished social services in the fields of information technology.


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