Youth Welfare

Youth Welfare Youth Welfare Department at Faculty of Computer and Information encourages students to practice different activities through Student Union and Council of the Union.
Achievements of Youth Welfare Department in the Academic Year 2020/2021

 1. Receiving new students and disseminating applications of the student activities to determine the activities which they would like to take part in
2. Participating in the University's tournament in football
3. Holding elections of Student Union in the academic year 2020/2021
4. Forming two families, For Egypt and Creative
5. Participating in the 44th theatrical festival of Tanta University that is held in the summer holiday
Student Activities:
1. The Cultural Activity:
It aims to find out human resources among students as they are considered a major resource in the development process. It is to be through competitions and workshops. The cultural activities include:
• The Holy Quran Competition
• Al-Nawawi's Forty Hadith
• Cultural symposiums
• General information tournament
2. The Social Activity:
It aims to involve students in different social activities at the Faculty or University level and qualifying them to communicate in a suitable social atmosphere. The social activity includes several activities such as:
• The ideal male and female students
• The ideal mother competition
• The chess competition
• Social issues competition
• Participating in charity convoys to social institutions
• Social solidarity fund
• Students health care
3. The Sports Activity:
It aims to find out distinguished students in different sports activities. The sports committee in interested in:
• Spreading the sports spirit among students and encouraging talents
• Organizing the sports activity at the Faculty, forming teams, and holding sports competitions
4. Student Families Activity:
The Student family is an organized group that derives its legitimacy from Families Committee at Student Union and aims to assist students to hone their talents, improve their abilities and skills, and invest their free time. Each family creates the proper number of committees for different activities.
5. Trips and Camps Activity:
Recreation and alleviating the burdens of life are the major requirements of life. There are several ways to get these requirements such as trips in which the person can spend nice time with a group of people in a certain place.
6. Scout and Public Service Activity:
This Committee is interested in several student activities inside the Faculty such as:
• Wooden art
• Painting on cloth and glass
• Hammered Copper Art
• Leather burning
• Hand-made objects
To participate in the scout, go to the official of the activity at Youth Welfare Department at the Faculty.
7. Scientific Activity:
It is responsible for symposiums and seminars to develop the scientific and technological activities through science clubs and scientific societies.

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