Student Union

Objectives of the Union

1. Spreading the University's good spirit among students and developing the spiritual, ethical, and national values

2. Enhancing the relations between students and academic staff members

3. Identifying and encouraging talents among students

4. Encouraging forming student families

5. Organizing students' sports, social, scout, artistic and cultural activities at the Faculty

6. Organizing trips to identify scientific, cultural and touristic aspects.

Student Union Committees

1. The Student Families Committee:

It encourages families at the Faculty by spreading the spirit of cooperation and brotherhood between students and academic staff members.

2. The Sports Committee

It organizes the sports activity at the Faculty, disseminates the good spirit, encourages talents, and assists students to practice their favorite sports by organizing tournaments in different sports.

3. The Cultural Committee

It organizes different cultural activities and develops cultural and literature energies of students

4. The Artistic Committee

It encourages practicing artistic activities, hobbies, abilities, and skills among students

5. The Social Activity and Trips Committee

This committee is interested in organizing introductory symposiums, and celebrating national and religious occasions to enhance relations among students, academic staff, assistant staff and students.

6. The Scout and Public Service Committee

It organizes different aspects of scout activities through trips and training courses on standards and principles of scout.

7. Scientific Committee

This committee is interested in:

• Technical and financial support to register patents and intellectual properties of students

• Following up regularity of education and participating in applying academic and exam schedules

• Holding scientific conferences and seminars to develop and intellectual abilities

• Encouraging and enhancing scientific research

• Encouraging and enhancing science clubs and scientific associations and offering technical and financial support

• Offering opportunities for student exchange inside and outside the State

• Publication of research papers and innovations of students in different scientific areas

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